So This Is Christmas 2013

Christmas has always been a bit of a bittersweet holiday for me as I’m not much of a socialiser. I usually find myself sitting at home re-watching chick flicks (excluding The Notebook; I must be the only girl in the world who sincerely does not like this movie) or re-watching British mini-series (I highly recommend Lost in Austen).

This year was different though! “Different how, Leonie?!” you may ask. Allow me to enlighten you!

This year was different because I had family coming over from Malaysia (sorry, you were probably expecting something MIND BLOWING). It was nice to be around good company (though I confess, I don’t really converse much what with me being an introvert/lacking social skills). That doesn’t matter though, you know why? “Why, Leonie?!” Well, because there’s like this deeper level of understanding and acknowledgement between relatives- it’s like, you don’t have to really talk to each other. You just need to give them a certain look and it all makes sense. Or perhaps that’s just me and my wishful thinking. Oh god, what if I’ve been looking at my cousins with what I thought was a ‘deeper-level-understanding-look’, when it was really just downright creepy?!

Here’s all of us being happy and stuff:

Here’s a few of the dishes my parents cooked up:

Anyway, there isn’t much else to say about my Christmas except that it was nice and cosy. It rained for the second Christmas in a row after a week of DRY HOT SUNSHINE, so that was a bit of a bummer. Also, it would have been really nice if my brother came home for Christmas dinner so I could have bonded a little more with my nephew, but alas, some things are just not meant to be!

Seeing as my relatives are in town for a week, there’ll probably be a few ‘being-a-tourist-in-my-own-city’ photos being uploaded on my blog.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends!

Here’s a little Christmas montage for you guys: