I Met Dami Im


So, I had a celebrity encounter the other day. And at Blacktown Worker’s Club, out of all places. For the non-Sydney siders, that pretty much equates to the lower-middle class suburb that’s brimming with citizens on welfare and teenage mums that kinda just loiter around the mall.

Who did I see? Why, the queen herself, Dami Im. I bought tickets to her show close to the beginning of the year and got myself a seat AT THE FRONT so I could see Dami Im up close and in all her fantastic superstar glory. A bit of a shame that it was at the Workers Club where most of the attendees have become white-haired, mindless slot-machine players with potbellies. But hey, I guess some people call that life (whatever floats their boat).

Dami Im Concert at Blacktown Workers Club

The night started off a bit awkward – it’s definitely not a Shawn Mendes or Demi Lovato concert. I got the vibe that a lot of the people at the show were kind of lacking enthusiasm, but then again it might also be the fact that we were all sat around tables (?) which totally killed that ‘killer concert’ vibe that I’m so used to. To be honest, Dami deserves better (thank goodness she’s doing a show at the State Theatre – definitely an upgrade to the smoke-infested carpets of the Worker’s Club. Come on Sony Music, is this the way you treat your artists???). I mean, can you imagine going from the EUROVISION stage to a dingy little Worker’s Club in a suburb like Blacktown? Ehh…

Anyway, venue aside. Dami was amazing. She definitely got better as the night progressed (no thanks to the unenthusiastic crowd who refused to STAND UP and kept giving mediocre applauses after each song… sigh). Eventually I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of the situation – there was a lady in front of me that kept trying to take selfies with Dami on stage. But Dami, like the trooper she is, stood on that stage for close to 3 hours (the longest concert I’ve ever been to) singing her Carpenter’s and X Factor covers. She sang her new song Fighting For Love and after, asked the crowd “DO YOU LIKE IT?” and there was like, a few hand claps and a “woohooo!” to which she retorted, “Wow, that’s the worst cheer I’ve ever heard”. SO YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW UNENTHUSIASTIC THE CROWD WAS. I ALMOST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH.

Omg embarrassing...

Sorry, I’m just a little disappointed because I honestly believe Dami deserved a better audience that night. There was a lady that kept yelling at her to sing all these various songs that she did on the X Factor. COME ON LADY, let Dami do her thing! In fact, why is Dami even singing cover songs?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH it makes my eyebrows curl. DO YOU THINK LOREEN DOES COVER SONGS AT HER CONCERTS? DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SCREAM AT HER TO SING COVER SONGS THAT SHE DID ON SWEDISH IDOL?! AHhhhhhhhh.

Okay, frustration aside. I was blown away by Dami’s vocal abilities. When she hit that last note of Sound of Silence, I was taken back to her amazing Eurovision performance. To be honest, she should of won, but whatever.

She was also very interactive with the crowd which is nice. She told us stories from her childhood and talked about her sponsored child with Compassion. I think that was my biggest takeaway from her show – she really inspired Mattias and I to consider sponsoring a child (in fact, I will).

Dami Im Concert at Blacktown Workers Club
Dami Im Playing Piano

After the show, Dami did a signing. I stood in line with my Eurovision scarf ready to tell her how inspiring she is and that she’s a shining light of positivity. Then I got to her. And all I could muster was, “YOU WERE PERFECT ON EUROVISION”. And I watched her sign my scarf (she took a while to draw the perfect curve on the “D”) and we took a photo and that was it.


I Met Dami Im!

Ugh. Oh well, such is life. I think out of all the concerts I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot), I would give this one a 0/10 for the venue, a 0/10 for the unenthusiastic audience, a 9/10 for that sneak appearance by Noah and a 10/10 for Dami Im’s undeniable world-class talent.

Fingers crossed Sony pick up their game and actually help propel Dami’s musical career in the right direction. And that people stop screaming at her to sing Roar by Katy Perry. Omg, could you imagine if a fan screamed at Katy Perry to sing Taylor Swift. DEAD.

Okay, that’s all.

Leonie xo.

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