Smooth Chocolate Festival Sydney

Chocolatey Goodness at the Smooth Festival of Chocolate in Sydney

Chocolate fans, UNITE! The Smooth Chocolate Festival graced itself upon Sydney’s harbour over the weekend. Mattias and I went to stuff our faces full of chocolatey goodness…

One of the great things about living in a big city like Sydney is that there’s always something to do. There’s always some sort of food festival, artisan market or special event in every nook and cranny of Sydney.

The Festival of Chocolate stretched it’s milky goodness along the pedestrian streets of The Rocks. With harbour views, an empty stomach and very hungry eyes, Mattias and I decided to set ourselves a budget for the day ($25). We mainly set the budget because that’s the only cash we had. Seriously, I’ve not been bothered to take cash out lately.

Our first delectable treat of the day was from Honey Puff Queen, an authentic Greek dessert of cinnamon and honey puffiness.

Oh. It was so yum. I was pleasantly surprised by the crispy fried outer skin and the softness of the insides – it literally just melts in your mouth. We were definitely off to a good start!

Apparently Honey Puff Queen is running a competition where you have to upload a photo of their puffy treats to Instagram and do the usual hashtags and what not. The prize? A trip for two to Mykonos. I’m usually not one to succumb to lame social media marketing ploys, but I thought I might as well. Mykonos sounds lovely. Go like my photo on Instagram and help a sister out!

It’s not really a chocolate festival without chocolate, so Mattias and I made it our mission to find something chocolatey (which was strangely harder than expected). Most of the stalls were selling savoury delights… but alas, we found ourselves a stall (Parisi) that was selling chocolate-dipped fruit.

Not wanting to go for the cliché chocolate-dipped strawberry, we picked out a mango slice.

Smooth Chocolate Festival Sydney

Eating a chocolate covered mango is actually quite difficult. I found myself just eating the chocolate and then eating the mango. Still, the mango was yummy.

I can’t wait till Summer hits the shores of Sydney so I can stuff my face with summer fruits (but alas, I will be in Sweden come December… but at least I’ll get my fair share of prinsesstårta and semla! *Squeee* ).

Above is a photo of Mattias and his atrocious haircut (by yours truly).

Also, Isn’t Sydney lovely? I never really appreciated living in Sydney until after I came back from my year abroad. I feel pretty lucky to be living in such a vibrant city that’s just brimming with so many things to do (and a lot of good food).

Our next stop was to find something that could give us some sort of substance… like a burger!

Our burger of choice was from Fired Up. It’s not your traditional burger… it’s a bao. We got the pork belly bao which was finger lickin’ good. And the fries were just like POW POW POW (aka full of spicy flavour).

And just like that, we blew through our $25 budget. Not a ton of chocolate, but it certainly fulfilled our tastebuds desires.

Overall, it was a nice little outing. Sometimes I’m kind of like meh when it comes to going out. It’s so much easier to just stay at home and be a burrito in bed, but I do like going for little adventures.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Until next time…

Leonie xo

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