Best of February 2015: The Nordic Edition

February was a weird month with too many downs and not enough ups. I’m quietly glad that it’s over and that March has dawned upon as. I don’t think I’ve settled down into the daily routine of Sydney life quite just yet, let alone university life and therefore I’ve just been a mess of emotions.

Anyway, here are the things that I enjoyed in the month of February… and clearly I must be missing Scandinavia because all the items that are on my ‘Best of February’ list all encapsulate some sort of Nordic vibe.

1. IKEA Rotera Tealight Lantern

Ikea Rotera Tealight Lantern

I’m obsessed with candles. While I was walking around in IKEA, I came across this gorgeous Rotera Tealight Lantern and I just had to get it. The great thing about IKEA (aside from the fact that it’s Swedish) is that almost all the items that they sell are super affordable and this lantern only cost me $4.99 AUD. What a bargain! In most speciality candle stores, lanterns will usually set you back around $10-$20 AUD.

You can take a look at the item in the IKEA catalogue here:

2. Fjällraven Kånken Classic Backpack

Fjällräven Kånken

I have had my eye on this backpack ever since I stepped in Sweden and FINALLY I have attained this glorious Swedish beauty. The Fjällraven Kånken has been a classic bag that has been used in Sweden for a veeeerrrryyy long time. Everywhere you go in Sweden, it’s not hard to spot a Kånken slung over someone’s shoulder.

It’s apparently very good for your posture and it looks deceptively small, but you could probably fit a Norwegian mountain in there if you tried (or a 13″ laptop). I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. The only issue is… well, there’s just SO MANY different colours- it’ll seriously overwhelm you to have to make a decision as to which one you want to get! I eventually settled for Sky Blue 🙂

Get your Fjällraven Kånken here: (good luck with choosing your fave colour!)

3. Daiso Nordic Storage Box

Daiso Nordic Storage Box

I’ve been re-organising and cleaning my office (slowly, but surely) and have constantly been on the lookout for cute storage boxes that I can use to store away loose items. I stumbled across the Nordic storage box at Daiso (where everything costs $2.80!) and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy all that they had on the shelves because I think that they’ve discontinued the product. I can’t find them in any other Daiso store anywhere which is super sad!

If you’re interested in looking at the other storage boxes that Daiso has to offer, take a look here:

4. Alice in the Eve Fluffy Cardigan

Alice in the Eve Fluffy Cardigan

Fashion has always been a bit of a sore spot for me- mainly because I just hate the headache of having to try to look good. T-Shirt and jeans please! But I really wanted to find myself a nice white fluffy cardigan and I found the perfect one at General Pants Co. It’s by the brand Alice in the Eve and it set me back around $80 AUD but I just had to get it because it is literally the softest and fluffiest thing everrrr!

Get your own super fluffy and soft cardigan here:

5. Custom Mousepad from Zazzle / Custom Phone Case from eBay

Custom Mousepad by Zazzle

Norway is my happy place, so why wouldn’t I want to have all my happy memories from Norway plastered all over my office supplies? I was in search for a mousepad and decided to get a custom one from Zazzle. I ended up getting two designs with the thought of sending one to Mattias, but honestly I love them both and I don’t really want to part with either of them! The print quality is super good and I’m overall very happy with it.

If you want your own custom mousepad or office supplies, check out Zazzle here:

I also ended up getting a custom phone case from eBay:

6. Äkta Människor “Real Humans”

Akta Manniskor

OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. TV. SHOW. Okay, so it’s a Swedish TV show that airs on SVT and it’s in Swedish but you can get English subtitles. Basically it’s set in the present and it’s about robots that look and act freakishly like humans and they’re planning to take over the world. It’s sci-fi drama and I don’t want to spoil anything so you’ll just have to go and watch it for yourselves!!!

WARNING: Lot’s of nudity/sex scenes and violence!

Here’s the imdb page for it:

Anyway, that’s the good things about my February in a nutshell! I’d love to read about some of your favourite items in the month of February! Leave them in the comments and I’ll take a gander!

Best of February

Hope you all have a very lovely month of March.

More later.