Withdrawal Poem by Leonie Sii

Withdrawal โ€“ A Poem By Leonie

Withdrawal is a sick fuck.
It makes you realise how
dependent you were
on a thing to bring you:

When I withdrew from you,
I spent a month in bedโ€“
broken and dishevelled,
hopeless and in despair.
My heart felt empty,
my soul felt lonely,
and I was desperate
for just a tasteโ€“
of you.

But the month past,
and the last week flew,
and before I knew it
I was over you.

And just like now,
I’ve cold-turkeyโ€™d
the Ven-la-fax-ine.
Withdrawal is a sick fuck,
but this time there is no
broken heart,
nor is there a lonely soul;
Just incessant nausea,

But if I could withstand
the withdrawal from you,
then I sure as hell
can get through this too.

โ€“ Leonie Sii

  • I’m so glad that you were able to find yourself in this. It’s hard to see things in the moment, and it does take multiple looks. You stood up and let yourself look. You’re doing it and I hope you continue doing what’s best for you. Find your passion and work towards it and I can’t wait to see more of your videos.