Leonie at Whitehaven Beach

Sunkissed at Whitehaven Beach – The Best Beach in Australia

This post is about a month too late… but I thought I’d share some photos from my time at Whitehaven Beach aka Australia’s best beach.

Mattias and I woke up super early (5:30am) to catch our shuttle bus to the Port of Airlie where our Whitsundays Cruise to Whitehaven Beach was waiting. I was really excited to finally see the crystal white sands in the flesh. What I wasn’t so excited about was the fact that I had my period.

What a damper.

We booked ourselves in for the full-day trip so we got to go snorkelling at Chalkies Beach (when I say ‘we’, I mean Mattias because I legit struggled with my period). Apparently he saw a blue-spotted stingray which was cool… until I found out that they’re deadly poisonous. We also went up to Hill Inlet for an amazing lookout at the Whitsunday Beach.

Australia's Best Beach Whitehaven Beach Panorama

I got bitten a lot by these huge-ass flies (‘Sand Flies’ or ‘March Flies’ is supposedly the correct term). It bloody hurt. I wouldn’t mind going back again one day when I’m not menstruating all over the place and actually dip into the crystal blue waters. So yeah, if you ever get the chance to visit Australia, make sure to put Whitehaven Beach on the list. It’s pretty breathtaking.

Anyway, aside from getting super burnt, we didn’t do much else except laze on the beach and take photos.

I leave you now with some of those said photos. Enjoy!

Leonie at Whitehaven Beach
Walking along Whitehaven Beach
Leonie chilling at Whitehaven Beach
Mattias snorkelling at Chalkies Beach
Leonie at Whitehaven Beach, the best beach in Australia
Mattias being a goofball at Whitehaven Beach
Mattias and Leonie at Whitehaven Beach
What a stud
Mattias and Leonie
Leonie and Mattias at the best beach in Australia
Leonie at Whitehaven Beach, the best beach in Australia
The Best Beach in Australia
The best beach in Australia – Whitehaven Beach
Leonie Sii at Whitehaven Beach

Hope you liked the photos!


Until next time,
Leonie xo.

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