Welcome To My Bedroom

Welcome To My Bedroom – Room Tour

Welcome to my bedroom!
Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

When I came back from Sweden at the beginning of the year, I felt so fed up with the state of my bedroom (and office space). Everything was drab and old. The walls were beginning to peel and yellow from years of sticky tape, blu-tac and teenage angst.

For twenty years (or thereabouts), everything pretty much stayed the same except that I would occasionally rearrange the furniture in my room. The walls were a reflection of the phases and obsessions I was currently in (there was a horse-loving phase, an anime phase and a Twilight phase which lasted way longer than it should have). My room was cluttered with little tid-bits and purposeless items. My closet was filled to the brim with old clothes, my brother’s old sleeping bags and who-knows-what. It was a disaster.

So, it was time for a change.

I totally forgot to take photos before the makeover/renovation which irks me. I wish I had taken some photos so that you can see the huge difference, but alas I didn’t think that far ahead. Still, you can probably get a feel of how my bedroom used to look like in some of my older videos.

Anyway, without further ado… here is my bedroom!

Welcome To My Bedroom
Dressing Table Corner
Welcome To My Bedroom Tour – Dressing Table

This is my dressing table. Before, my dressing table was bulky and dark. It took up a lot of room and had a huge mirror attached so the only place I could put it was against a wall. I hated it. It had to go.

Now, I have the MALM Dressing Table from IKEA which is sleek and slim. It has a drawer which I use to store all my makeup and jewellery! I love that there’s space underneath which gives the illusion that my bedroom is a lot bigger than it is. In fact, that’s one of the things I’ve learnt from my renovation journey. If you have a small room, go for furniture that has tall legs and doesn’t cover up the floor!

I also love my BEKVÄM Step Stool as it gives me somewhere to sit other than my bed. It’s not only useful as a little stool, but also if I want to stand on something so I can reach my storage space up in my wardrobe. I love items that are multi-functioning and that’s one thing I looked for when I was on the prowl for new furniture.

Peek A Boo – Bedroom
Bed Corner
Bed Sheets

It’s not a bedroom without a bed. I love my bed. It’s a queen size bed and I don’t think I could ever opt for anything smaller. Before my bed felt like it took up at least 60% of the space in my room – it didn’t help that I had such bulky furniture as well.

With my new furniture, I feel like I have more room to walk around even though my bed is still the same. I pushed it into the corner and jazzed it up with some fresh bedsheets and decorative pillows. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I really like monochromatic colours. I also like sprinkling an accented pastel colour to give it a bit more personality. It just makes the room look clean and calm. That’s what the bedroom should be – a place to feel calm.

My Wardrobe
My Wardrobe
Handbags in my wardrobe

I said before that my closet used to be filled to the brim with things. In fact, it was so full that I had to use my office closet for my clothes. It was so liberating being able to throw away old clothes that I never wore anymore. I probably got rid of 80%. Now, everything fits in my bedroom closet! Yay!

It was hard trying to find a chest of drawers that fit into the closet… so I settled for two ASKVOLL Chest of Drawer pieces – one with 3 drawers and another with 5. It JUST fit! I also had to DIY a new clothes rack by buying a wooden pole from my local hardware store.

I actually love having a small closet space because it means I can’t buy anymore unnecessary pieces of clothing. Where would I even put it? There’s just no more space. It’s also kind of nice not having to make a decision about what outfit to wear – my choices are pretty limited now.

It feels good because everything has a place, whereas before I would just throw things wherever they fit. The only thing that still irks me a little is the massive silver air-conditioning duct on the sides which take up half the space. Oh well, I’ll just pretend I live on a spaceship.

… Anywho, that’s pretty much covers all the main areas of my bedroom! Let’s move on to the minor details…

Beside Table
Dala Hest
Motivational Quote
Dressing Table Flatlay

The highlight of my room will always be my plants. I love my plants. They add a beautiful splash of green to my room. Sometimes if I imagine really hard, I could be living in a hut in the middle of the forest. It helps that when I look out my window, I can see lots of trees. Adding greenery to my room brings in that outdoor-feeling that I love.

I also have a few candles – one on my dressing table and one on my TYSSEDAL Bedside Table. They’re there for chill vibes. I have a little quote card stand from Kikki.K that my friend Rachel gifted me for my birthday last year. I keep the same quote up there because it helps me to stay patient.

It says:
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”.

Pretty relevant, hey? I think my room renovation is a true testament of that quote. Oh, and of course there’s my grey dalahäst that I bought in Stockholm!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. I spent quite a bit of time (and money) renovating my room. I’m really happy with the results. I actually feel at peace when I’m in my room now. I no longer have to look at ugly yellow walls and feel trapped in my own space! I think the fresh coats of paint helped a lot.

My room tour video will be out tomorrow on my YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe and click that bell button to be notified! 

Oh, and let me know if you want to see my office tour too!

Leonie xo.

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