UTS Alumni Awards

Attending The UTS Alumni Awards 2016

I think everyone at some point in their lives has a dream to change the world in some way. Or perhaps not the world, but a small piece of it at least. Whether it’s through telling stories, finding a miracle cure, building a colony in space or just being a beacon of light for those around them, we all have something to give.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by UTS Alumni about my graduation video that I uploaded to my YouTube channel (you can view it here). They asked me if they could use the footage at the UTS Alumni Awards and, if I wanted to come along for the night to see my “creative work in action”. Not one to shy away from spectacular events (well, sometimes…) I said yes.

And so, on Tuesday the 20th of September, I attended the UTS Alumni Awards. I kind of missed the memo that the dress code was “cocktail” and I went for a more… uh, corporate attire? Woops.

Leonie Sii University of Technology Sydney
My mum and I at the UTS Alumni Awards 2016

My +1 was my mum. Poor mum, she was all flustered that everyone was dressed so nicely in their cocktail dresses and suave suits but I thought she looked fantastic anyway.

The night started off with my graduation video (!!!) and I got all flushed and embarrassed. I couldn’t even look at up the screen, and when I did I just cringed my eyebrows off. Eeek. Everyone was very nice about it though, calling me ‘the star’ of the screen. Haha.

UTS Alumni Awards 2016
My table for the UTS Alumni Awards

I sat next to a pretty important man who had recently been appointed as the Director of Marketing & Communications at UTS (!!!). My social skills were put to the test, and although I wasn’t sweating profusely, I was still screaming internally. But fret not, for I passed the night with ease and thought I did pretty well at the small talk (#winning).

As the night went out, we were given a three-course meal while we watched accomplished UTS alumni accept their awards. It was really impressive and inspiring to hear how they took what they studied at UTS and not only applied it to the real world, but changed the real world. And there I was, feeling so out of place and wondering what on Earth I was doing there.

I can’t really remember at the top of my head all the award winners, but there was an investigative journalist doing some top secret stuff, an architect in charge of planning the entire city of Parramatta and a scientist that’s in the midst of finding some cure for a stomach disease. Like whaaa– all I do with my life is write about my existence.

Anyway, here are the photos of the food.

Swordfish UTS Alumni Awards
Spring Garden Mushroom UTS Alumni Awards
Chicken Cofit UTS Alumni Awards
Roast barramundi UTS Alumni Awards
White chocolate spongecake UTS Alumni Awards

At the end of the night, I bumped into the lady who contacted me about my video in the first place! Thanks to her, I got to experience a phenomenal night that I otherwise would never have experienced. So thanks, Courtney! She was so lovely and bubbly. 😊

UTS Alumni Awards Leonie Sii

You know, I might not be an intellectual prodigy, nor will I be the one in this world to build a spaceship and colonise Mars (good luck with that, Elon Musk)… but if I can make one person feel something with the words that I write, then I already consider myself a success.

Until next time,

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