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Top 11 Must-Have Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are somewhat of a trending topic at the moment – and I’m all for it. I’ve been an avid pot plant lover since I first saw them on the window sills of Swedish homes during my first trip to Sweden in 2014.

But it was only this year that my passion for them was re-ignited thanks to my colleague, Alex. She introduced me to a Facebook group, aptly named Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia (C.I.P.P.A)’.

Since then, I have amassed quite the collection of indoor plants – more than my bank account could handle. Sadly, some of my plants have died… but some have prospered! And today, I want to share with you some of the gems that have persevered through both my lack of care and over-care.

Here are 11 of my personal favourite indoor houseplants! 🌿

1. Monster Deliciosa

Indoor Plants - Monstera Deliciosa © Leonie Sii
Monstera Deliciosa © Leonie Sii

Level: Beginner Friendly | Light: Bright, indirect light | Water: Let it dry out a bit before watering

The Monstera Deliciosa was the first indoor plant I ever bought – and what a great first plant! It’s quite a large house plant with luscious green leaves that split as they mature.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching statement piece to add to your home décor, then the Deliciosa is a definite house plant essential. They’re also easy to propagate and can last months in a vase.

2. Monstera Adansonii (Swiss Cheese Plant) 🧀

Indoor Plants - Monstera Adansonii © Leonie Sii
Monstera Adansonii © Leonie Sii

Level: Moderate | Light: Indirect sunlight | Water: Keep moist but not wet

If you love the look of the Deliciosa but don’t have enough space, the Monstera Adansonii is a wonderful alternative. This vining plant is also known as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ thanks to the holes inside their leaves!

You can train the Adansonii to climb poles and walls, or just let them trail down a shelf.

3. Zanzibar Gem

Indoor Plant - Zanzibar Gem © Leonie Sii
Zanzibar Gem © Leonie Sii

Level: Beginner Friendly | Light: Medium to high shade | Water: Allow to dry out before watering

Wanna know what drew me to the Zanzibar Gem? When I was having a browse at my local Flower Power store, the label on this plant had in bold writing, ‘THRIVES ON NEGLECT’. And boy, does it ever.

If you’re looking for a plant that is green and lush, but one that you can also set and forget, the ZZ plant is for you. They do well in low light situations and only need a drink of water every few weeks.

4. Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum / Pothos)

Indoor Plants - Devil's Ivy © Leonie Sii
Devil’s Ivy © Leonie Sii

Level: Beginner Friendly | Light: High or low light | Water: Allow to dry before watering

They might be called ‘Devil’s Ivy’, but these vibrant plants are absolute angels to look after. They don’t need a lot of light and they only need to be watered every so often, but they look amazing trailing down bookshelves and climbing along the walls!

The great thing is that there’s a whole range of Pothos, including Marble Queen, Jade Pothos, Golden Pothos, Neon Pothos and more!

5. White Princess & Pink Princess Philodendron

Indoor Plant - White Princess Philodendron © Leonie Sii
White Princess Philodendron © Leonie Sii

Level: Easy | Light: Bright to low light | Water: Damp but not wet

100%, Philodendrons are my favourite plants, especially the variegated types like the White Princess and Pink Princess. You just never know what you’re going to get when a new leaf begins to grow and unfurl! The anticipation is what makes these indoor plants so fun to care for.

These babies love humidity, so mist them regularly! I’m not sure if this is certain, but I’ve heard that putting them in a well-lit area helps encourage their variegation. I keep mine next to my windowsill.

6. Peace Lily

Indoor Plants - Peace Lily © Leonie Sii
Peace Lily © Leonie Sii

Level: Beginner Friendly | Light: Bright, filtered light | Water: Moist but not wet

The Peace Lily was featured in NASA’s top 10 approved houseplants for improving air quality, so if your room is feeling a little stuffy, this might be the perfect plant for you. Aside from the gorgeous deep green foliage, they also produce white blooms, adding a nice splash of colour.

The great thing about Peace Lily’s is that they’ll tell you when they need to be watered! If they begin looking droopy, that’s the sign you need to give them a nice drink.

7. Calathea Musaica

Indoor Plants - Calathea Musaica © Leonie Sii
Calathea Musaica © Leonie Sii

Level: Moderate | Light: Bright, indirect light | Water: High humidity, don’t let it dry out!

Want something unique? Add a Calathea to your list! The Calathea Musaica is a wonderful houseplant with a unique pattern that resembles a mosaic. It’s like art on a plant.

Like most species of Calathea, the Musaica’s leaves will close up at night as though it is in prayer, which is why these plants are also known as the ‘Prayer Plant’. Pretty cool! Don’t forget to give these babies a good misting because they love humidity.

8. Mini Watermelon Peperomia 🍉

Indoor Plants - Mini Watermelon Peperomia © Leonie Sii
Mini Watermelon Peperomia © Leonie Sii

Level: Moderate | Light: Partial to full shade | Water: Keep moist and humid.

The Watermelon Peperomia is one of my unicorn plants – so utterly special because the leaves legit look like the rind of a watermelon. I reckon these plants really stand out amongst others due to their special colouring.

I love giving the Watermelon Peperomia a good spritz with my mister – it makes them look juicy and delicious! But make sure they aren’t sitting in water because they are prone to root rot.

9. Peperomia Prostrata (String of Turtles / Jade Necklace) 🐢

Indoor Plants - String of Turtles © Leonie Sii
String of Turtles © Leonie Sii

Level: Moderate | Light: Bright indirect light | Water: Keep moist but not soggy

Another wonderfully unique plant – the String of Turtles. Aptly named, the little succulent leaves of this plant look like a turtle shell!

I keep my turtles on my windowsill where it gets a lot of afternoon light and regularly spritz with my spray bottle. I try not to have them sitting in too much water though, to avoid rotting.

10. String of Hearts 💕

Indoor Plants - String of Hearts © Leonie Sii
Variegated String of Hearts © Leonie Sii

Level: Easy | Light: Indirect light | Water: Allow to dry in between waterings

These plants are adorable, as they’re literally just little hearts on strings! The String of Hearts looks amazing in hanging pots as they spill over and trail down.

I always make sure that the soil is a little moist, but not over-watered. If your String of Hearts is looking a little sparse and only has a few strands trailing down, you can coil the strings on top of the soil in the pot to help them grow!

11. Fittonia Albivenis (Nerve Plant / Mosaic Plant)

Indoor Plants - Nerve Plant © Leonie Sii
Nerve Plant © Leonie Sii

The vibrant white veins against the green really makes this plant stand out (which makes the name ‘Nerve Plant’ very fitting)! They’re great if you’re thinking of building a terrarium as they do well in moist environments.

I know my Nerve Plant needs a drink when the leaves begin to look droopy. I also make sure to give them a good misting every few days!

So those are some of my favourite plants! I’d love to know what your favourite indoor plants are, or if I have inspired you to purchase your first (or next) plant!

Let me know in the comments 🥰
Until next time,
Leonie xo.

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