The Little Blowhole in Kiama

Mind Blow(hole)n at The Little Blowhole in Kiama

Mattias and I planned a little weekend getaway from Sydney last weekend. It’s one of the things we’re trying to do more of, especially since he’s going to be quite busy this year with work.

I think scheduling time to travel and do things together is a nice way to spend time together, as often we can get complacent in our relationship and take things for granted.

We headed off to Kiama, a little township south of Sydney, over the weekend with the intention to stay at a motel we had previously booked. The weather was drab – grey skies and sodding wet. I drove for an hour and a half in torrential rain to reach The Little Blowhole in Kiama. Once we got there, we were amazed by how strong the blowhole was. Every thirty seconds or so, the waves would come crashing in and sent a jet of water up through the hole in the rock formations. Many photos were taken.

Leonie and Mattias at The Little Blowhole in Kiama
The Little Blowhole in Kiama
The Little Blowhole in Kiama
Mattias At The Little Blowhole in Kiama
Mattias at The Little Blowhole Art Bar
Leonie at The Little Blowhole Art Bar

After, we went to have lunch at a nearby café called The Little Blowhole Art Bar – a straightforward name for a café. They sold tapas portions and we ordered a few dishes. I wouldn’t say the portions were exactly filling (we were quite hungry) but it was a nice culinary experience.

We drove to the main village of Kiama, parked our car and went for a walk. It was a very nice walk – we ended up at the Kiama Lighthouse and lo and behold, we found ourselves at the actual Kiama Blowhole. I thought The Little Blowhole was the Kiama Blowhole. Mind blow(hole)n. To be honest, I thought The Little Blowhole was a lot more impressive.

Kiama Lighthouse
Kiama Blowhole

Anyway, after that, Mattias and I had a chai latté at another café called Milk and Honey. How hipster of us, with our chai lattés. No, we were just trying to hide from the miserable weather.

After the weather cleared up a bit, we continued our walk… except halfway the sky decided to unleash it’s turmoil upon us and we became soaking wet. The little pink umbrella we brought along with us did nothing against the rain. My butt was soaking, my canvas shoes were ruined and I didn’t have a spare change of clothes.

The Little Blowhole in Kiama
Leonie at Kiama
Mattias at Kiama
Mattias at Kiama
Leonie at Kiama
Leonie looking moody at Kiama
Leonie and Mattias

So, instead of going to check-in to our motel, we decided to just drive back home. Thinking back on it now, we probably could have managed with our wet clothes but we took the easy option out rather than committing to our weekend getaway. Oh well, lesson learnt – be more prepared!

Other than that, I had a pretty good day down at Kiama. I think the miserable weather made it more memorable.

I’ll have a vlog of the trip coming soon.


Until next time,
Leonie xo.

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