O Christmas Tree

December is a month of many things, and one of them is Christmas Trees.

Celebrating Christmas has only in recent years become a big deal to me. I’ve never had a particularly memorable Christmas because most often, I’m home alone watching chick flicks all by my lonesome. Last year was the first year that the Sii family bought a Christmas tree and ever since then, my love for the festive day has kind of blossomed! So what do y’know?! Christmas trees are the shizz.

This is the Sii family’s Christmas tree this year; decorated by yours truly. Unfortunately none of the presents sitting under the tree are for me- but I find it much more joyous giving gifts than receiving.  This year I have relatives coming down under from Malaysia so I’m super excited and this might actually be the first memorable Christmas of my life! And I have a feeling it will only get better as the years go on.

By the way, I totally passed French and got a way better mark than I expected. So that’s definitely something to be joyous about.

Hey, see if you can spot me in some of these photos. Reflective bobbles for the win!