My Favourite Reads As A Teen – Young Adult Novels

I’ve read quite a number of young adult novels throughout my teenage years. It was my way of escaping the torment of high school.

Today I thought I’d share with you a select few of my favourite young adult novels that have, until this day stuck with me. These are the books that I know one day I will return to. I don’t exactly know what it is about them that have lingered in my mind for all these years, but I guess that’s the magic of storytelling.

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary Romance

I remember all those years ago being taken away by the cover of this book. I’m not sure if they still print this particular cover with the yellow spray bottle, but I’m glad they did because it sure caught my eye.

The novel is told through two character perspectives: Lucy and Ed. Each chapter alternates between the two, and the story’s events take place over one night. We’re taken on a mystery journey as Lucy looks for Shadow, a graffiti artist who has his work all over the city.

I love the way the book is written. It’s a modern, contemporary read that just enthrals you. I remember being in a world blanketed with an air of mysticism, aided by the night setting. If you want to be taken on an urban adventure, pick up this book.

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary Romance

I’m a fan of all of Jaclyn Moriarty’s novels but this one in particular is a stand out for me. Jaclyn is an Australian writer and I love reading about young adults in an Australian context.

Finding Cassie Crazy is told through a series of letters between three female students from a prestigious private school and three male students from a notorious public school. They’re year 10 students (so around the age of sixteen). Throughout the story, each of the relationships develop in different ways (I don’t want to ruin it so you’ll have to read it)!

If you want a unique read, give this book a go.

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary/Mental Health

I borrowed this book from my local library back in the day and it’s hung around with me ever since. It resonated so much with me back in high school because it was during the time when I wanted to pursue my music career.

A Note of Madness is a beautiful book about a boy named Flynn, one of the top pianists at a music college. He is also suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, an illness that submits him into erratic mood swings and strange behaviour. It explores the depths of mental turmoil, feelings of confusion and emotional upheaval.

I love Tabitha Suzuma’s work. She makes you feel something. She’s not afraid to write about the hard stuff, the taboo stuff, the stuff that people want to avoid but can’t because it exists.

There are many more young adult novels that I love (mostly Meg Cabot novels), but these three were the crème de la crème of my teenage life. Each of these books explore something meaningful and they’re done in a way that leaves you with a tingling feeling. They make you want to do something.

If you do happen to pick up any of these books, let me know what you think. Or, if you have any favourites yourselves, leave them in the comments– I’m always open for book recommendations.

Happy reading!
Leonie xo.

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