Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Man, Myth, Legend: Justin Bieber Purpose Tour @ Sydney

Wednesday 15th March 2017: I went to see the man, the myth and the legend… Justin Bieber.

Having been feeling pretty ‘meh’ this month, I wasn’t exactly motivated or excited to see Justin Bieber. In fact, a lot of things that should have been exciting throughout the month has been dampened by my low spirits (aside from maybe fangirling over Jon Henrik Fjällgren… but let’s talk about that another time).

I had bought the tickets with a few of my #Swissters last year – back then, I was super excited. Fast forward a couple of months and there I was, waiting for that spark of adrenaline whilst making my way to the ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park. I stood outside the venue for a while, observing teenagers dressed up in their high heels and figure-hugging outfits. There were so many people – at one stage I had to remind myself that all these people were here to see one guy. Isn’t that crazy?

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour
Justin Bieber Purpose Tour
Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Bieber opened the show with ‘Mark My Words‘. He was trapped in some sort of glass contraption and wrote, “Jesus Loves You” on the glass. I thought that was interesting considering that there were bound to be atheists and non-believers in the audience… but hey, that’s what evangelists do, right?

He grabbed his crotch a lot which felt kind of awkward. He danced a lot. He sang a lot. I was half expecting him to walk off the stage but he didn’t (and to be honest I was a little disappointed because that would have been cool to witness). The music was crazily loud – like, crunchingly loud. At times it was hard to hear him sing because of all the screaming and overpowering music, but when he stripped it back and it was just him and his guitar, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The highlight for me was probably when he started singing ‘Baby’. Such a classic banger, let’s be honest.

Overall, I enjoyed my Bieber experience. I don’t know if it’s due to my low mood recently or just me growing up, but I’m kind of over concerts. I felt the same after seeing Shawn Mendes – it’s like, I pay so much to see them live but all I get is really loud girls singing over the top of them and a sore neck/strained-eyes from trying to get a glimpse of them in person. Yeah, maybe I am just getting too old for this.

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

If anything, I have a new-found respect for Bieber. I don’t blame him for the way he acts towards his ‘fans’ sometimes. I would be disgruntled too if people kept screaming at my face for 9+ years and invaded my privacy. Like, he’s just one guy.

Anyway, I’ll end this post with my favourite song and music video of his. Because let’s face it… his life is a movie and everyone is watching.

More later,
Leonie xo.

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