That hammock life though

Living A Dream on Daydream Island

Wandering around Daydream Island is quite literally, like a daydream. This little one kilometre slice of paradise is home to an array of wildlife. Kangaroos laze and hop freely amongst resort goers and there’s a manmade lagoon that’s filled with marine wildlife – from the slithering manta ray to the familiar orange and white stripes of the clownfish.

There’s also freakishly terrifying spiders, but let’s not dwell too long on that.


Daydream Island
The mermaids of Daydream Island

Strong winds didn’t deter Mattias and I from exploring the island. We went for a walk along the coast, taking in that fresh salty air.

Mattias and Leonie on Daydream Island

We also found a few hammocks along the way!

Chilling in the hammock on Daydream Island
Mattias and Leonie on Daydream Island
Oh, you know. Just lazing around at Daydream Island
That hammock life though

Eventually we hit the tip of the island where the ‘rainforest walk’ starts (or really, ends). Geared with my flip flops, we tackled the nature walk with optimism. Mid-way, Mattias spotted a gigantic spider and from there on out, I was a paranoid city girl ready to escape the jungle.

Going on a rainforest walk on Daydream Island
Leonie on Daydream Island

For lunch, we ate at Mermaids which is named quite fittingly considering it’s by the beach where the mermaids of Daydream Island are located.

Lunch at Mermaids at Daydream Island
Mattias is mesmerised by the mermaids

But really, the fun part of Daydream Island is that no matter where you go, there’s always kangaroos roaming around.

Kangaroos on Daydream Island
Kangaroo on Daydream Island

Thanks, Daydream Island. You were a dream.

Goodbye and farewell, Daydream Island

More later,
Leonie xo.

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