Jealousy: The Negative Selfishness

From a young age, I have always been a jealous person.

I think jealousy is an emotion that many people face. For some people it is a heavy burden to carry and it’s difficult to let it go- it impacts on how we go about our lives and it’s like a weight that we’re constantly dragging around. It holds us back from our full potential and often leads us into a downward spiral of self-loathe. I think we’re definitely more worthy than this ugly emotion, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Jealousy to me is a negative selfishness. In small doses it may be beneficial, it may push us to try harder, to believe harder, to fight harder. But when our body is paralysed with this poisonous emotion, we tend to curl ourselves up into a ball of green fury and nothing productive comes from it. It is pointless to be jealous of things that we simply can’t change.


Some of us don’t have a lions heart, some of us are like Chikorita’s. We get green and envious. But at the end of the day, Chikorita’s are one of the most loving Pokemon out there and they care so much for the people they love. If we can focus our negative energy into something positive, we might surprise ourselves at how worthy we truly are and that we are all deserving of love.

Perhaps jealousy may stem from a lack of attention, we might feel lonely and isolated, scared and secluded. The first step is to give yourself attention. You’re greater than you think you are…

And I’m pretty great too.

Until next time,