Best of January 2015

The first month of the year is over. As is my year abroad. Ohh, sad times, sad times indeed.

Here are some of the things that I thoroughly enjoyed in the month of January.

1. Kikki.K Diary: Sweet Collection.

Kikki.K 2015 Weekly Diary

I love starting my year by purchasing a yearly diary. I’m a bit of an organization nut and I love jotting down upcoming events and to-do lists on paper. It helps me get my work done on time and I always feel way more productive when I have an up-to-date diary.

I always tend to gravitate towards Kikki.K diaries because they’re just simply well-made and has everything that I could possible need all in one. The one I picked up is from the Sweet collection in the A5 size- perfect for writing my daily events, thoughts and feelings as well as planning my weekly budget and upcoming events. It also comes with dedicated pages to write down addresses, favourite restaurants and cafes, to-do lists and many more. There’s bonus stickers at the back of the diary too!

Since Kikki.K is a bit high-end, the diary is a bit pricey but the quality is well worth the money spent. It also comes in smaller sizes too.

You can purchase your own Kikki.K Diary at:Β

2. Sony RX100M3 Compact Camera

Sony RX100M3

One of my more expensive purchases in the month of January is my new vlogging camera! For the past year I’ve been using my Canon 60D to vlog and it’s not the most compact and easy thing to go around and vlog with.

I’m super impressed with my new Sony camera though- it shoots in HD and has some pretty cool quirky features like the viewfinder, the pop-up flash and the 180 degree screen which is handy if you’re the type that likes to take high-resolution selfies. It’s one of the more expensive Sony compact cameras though, but I’m a huge Sony fangirl so I can’t complain.

Pick up your own Sony camera here:Β

3. Mondaine Swiss Watch

Mondaine Swiss Watch

Speaking of expensive… before I left Switzerland, I thought I’d treat myself to one last Swiss souvenir to remember my time in Switzerland [pun intended], I bought this little red-hot beauty because I thought it was a great representation of the fun and unique times that I had during my year abroad. I love the clock face- this range is the official Swiss Railways watch so you can find the clock face at any Swiss railway station (and I spent a heck of a lot of time in and out of Swiss train stations).

You can check out the watch range here:Β

4. Vixtorinox Swiss Army Knife [Explorer]

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

This Swiss Army knife that I bought in Switzerland has been an absolute lifesaver this month, particularly as I’ve been reorganizing my room and have had to assemble furniture. It is literally a toolbox in a little handy pocket sized army knife. There’s a magnifying glass, two darn sharp knives that could seriously damage if you’re not careful, a screwdriver, bottle and wine openers, a deceivingly small but highly effective scissor and some other tools that I have no idea what they’re used for but they’re sure to come in handy in the future.

Oh, and it comes with a toothpick and tweezer… you know, just in case.

Pick up your own Swiss knife here:Β

5. Vixtorinox Mini USB

Vixtorinox USB

While I’m continuing on this Swiss-Made products spree, here’s a super cute USB by Vixtorinox. I absolutely adore it- it’s so handy to store photos and videos so that I can easily access them wherever I am. When you insert it into your computer, the translucent parts of the USB light up. It’s obviously pricey for a USB, but it sure is nice to look at!

Get your own Vixtorinox USB here:Β

6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream [Milan]

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I’m trying to not wear makeup as often these days, simply because I really want to start looking after my skin- but on the occasions where I have to go out or do something of a ‘professional’ nature (pfft, I wish… I’m still highly unemployable), I love wearing the NYX lip cream to add a bit of colour to my otherwise dry and colourless lips. I’m a huge fan of the matte look and the NYX lip cream glides on sooooo smoothly which is why I just adore wearing it. It doesn’t dry out my lips even though it’s matte. The shade I use is ‘Milan’.

Take a gander at some other matte lip creams that NYX has to offer:Β

Anyhow, that just about sums up my favourites of January! What were some of your favourites? πŸ™‚

Leonie's Jan favourites

More later.