Isaiah Firebrace Australia Eurovision 2017

Why Isaiah Firebrace is Perfect for Australia in Eurovision 2017

When Isaiah Firebrace won X Factor last year, I immediately thought he would be the perfect representative for Eurovision.

^ That tweet is me calling it in 2016.

Personally, he’s been my number one choice from the get go. Although, I wouldn’t have minded if Australia had chosen someone else. Needless to say, I am beyond ecstatic that we’ve gone with Isaiah. Keeping in mind, the slogan for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv is “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY”.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Isaiah Firebrace is perfect for Australia’s representative.

1. He’s got killer vocals

He’s proven that he has the live vocal chops. Some people have said that his voice is like Sam Smith which I never thought about until now. I can listen to the smooth tones in his vocals endlessly.

2. He’s Indigenous Australian

I just love the fact that he comes from a small indigenous community in rural Australia. He represents diversity and inclusion. I wholeheartedly believe he should also carry the Aboriginal flag with him along with the Australian flag. After all, the slogan is ‘Celebrate Diversity’.

3. He’s familiar with the competitive nature of singing competitions

Just like many Eurovision contestants, Isaiah is from a reality talent-search contest (yes, even Loreen was from Swedish Idol). He knows what the pressure is like, even having forgotten lyrics at one stage earlier in his X Factor career. Despite this, he still goes out there and challenges himself which I find admirable.

I am a little bit disappointed with the song that was given to him. ‘Don’t Come Easy’ is a generic pop ballad written by the same writers of Dami Im’s ‘Sound of Silence’. However, after the second listen I started warming up to it – in fact, I warmed up to it way faster than I did to ‘Sound of Silence’.

I’m not sure how well it will do on the Eurovision stage, but fingers-crossed the production team nail the staging… and hopefully Isaiah does those cool little vocal gymnastics he’s good at in the live performances.

I don’t expect him to do as well as Dami Im but for a 17-year-old from rural Australia, I think he’s absolutely phenomenal. And if anything, it’s a huge opportunity for him to gain exposure and experience.

Honestly, I’m confused why some of our fellow Australians are so judgemental and not supportive of this decision. Like, hello? Should we not be rallying behind him? He’s a kid with huge potential and dreams of success – this is a brilliant opportunity for him. Yet for some reason we still want to send the likes of Delta Goodrem or The Veronicas who are already successful and don’t necessarily need a stage like Eurovision to boost their musical career.

It makes me sick when I read comments from people who attack a 17-year-old simply because they don’t agree with the decision. Ugh, I guess people just like to push others down when they themselves can’t even match the level of determination it takes to be on the big stage. It’s just a case of Tall Poppy Syndrome, let’s be honest. Don’t like him? Wish him luck and move on.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I don’t know what my top 10 songs are in Eurovision are yet. I’m waiting for the final selections from Sweden (please be Jon Henrik Fjällgren) and other countries. Although at the moment, I’m digging Occidentali’s Karma (Italy) and Yodel It! (Romania).

But that’s all I have to say… for now.

Be sure to check out my video where I reacted live to Isaiah being announced as Australia’s Eurovision entrant!


More later,
Leonie xo.

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