I left my heart in Stockholm

I Left My Heart in Stockholm – Photos From Sweden’s Capital

Stockholm in the middle of winter. The bitumen is covered in grey slush and the cobblestone streets varnished with unsuspecting ice. The flecks of snow that fall gently from the overcast sky disappears into droplets of water on concrete walls, ending their short-lived life.

Walking along Stadsgårdsleden and looking beyond the icy-canals of Stockholm, there is a faint outline of the cityscape skyline hidden behind thick mist. It’s an unusual sight from the usual stock imagery of a vibrant Stockholm. The city is enveloped in a blanket of grey.

Still, I could not calm my beating heart and the electrifying excitement running through my veins. With the rough winds beating at my rosy-cheeks and the snow dampening my hair, every little step through the Swedish capital was a new discovery – a Stockholm through a new lens.

Every once in a while, the little rays of sunshine that peeped through the clouds became the extra cream on top of a semla (or in other words, not necessary, but very much appreciated).

Despite the grim weather, being in and amongst the narrow cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan gave the trip the colour it was missing. A peep of the morning sun filtering it’s light through a desolate laneway, catching the sheen of teal-coloured windows. Fresh flowers lining the pathway outside boutique florists, breathing life into the sodden city.

The heart of Stockholm is not in the weather. It’s not in the expectations of a city bustling with life nor is it in the hipster cafés and artsy fartsy shops of Södermalm. The heart of a city is what you make of it.

This could be a tale of Stockholm Syndrome, but Stockholm didn’t steal my heart. It didn’t keep me captive nor hold me for ransom. I walked the city streets and I left my heart in Stockholm. The tale is as simple as that.

Here are my favourite photos from my time in Stockholm.

I left my heart in Stockholm
Leonie and Mattias in Gamla Stan
Fika in Stockholm
Stockholm Lights
Stockholm Skyline at Night
Snickarbaken 7 Cafe in Stockholm
Brunch at Pom och Flora Stockholm
Brunch at Snickarbaken7
Brunch at Snickarbaken 7 with Leonie
Winter in Stockholm
Architecture in Stockholm
Leonie and Mattias in snowy Stockholm
Leonie in Gamla Stan
Yellow building in Gamla Stan Stockholm
Mattias and Leonie in Stockholm Royal Palace
Fresh tulips in Stockholm
Mattias in Gamla Stan
Stockholm Gamla Stan
A restaurant in Gamla Stan
Meeting fans in Stockholm

Thanks to ^ these lovely people for coming by to my Stockholm meet-up and saying hej! It was wonderful to meet you guys and you made my day 🙂

Here’s my vlog from Stockholm!

Vi ses nästa gång, Stockholm!

Leonie xo.

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