3 Things I Learned at Google Masterclass 2016

It’s always an enlightening experience being able to go to an event like Google Partner’s Masterclass. There’s always something new to learn and I always leave feeling motivated to become better at my craft.

Google Masterclass is an event that’s put on by Google every year. It’s a seminar that helps digital agencies affiliated with the Google Partnership program become more digitally and analytically savvy in Google’s web tools. It’s perfect for digital marketers, but I also think it’s beneficial for anyone that works in the digital space. I mean, Google pretty much controls the world now… so as a digital native, you might as well get acquainted with your leader.

This year, Masterclass was held in Carriageworks at Eveleigh, several minutes walk from Redfern station. The seminar was given by Nick Iyengar of Cardinal Path. I learned a lot of technical things in terms of Google Analytics and how to best optimise web content… but I think the thing that I took with me wasn’t so much the technical stuff, but the lessons that are applicable to life in general.

So, with that being said, here are 3 things that I learned at this year’s Google Masterclass.

1. You need to set yourself up for success

I often feel like I tackle projects without really planning things out first. I’m a pretty impatient person so I like to see things done as quickly as possible – but sometimes that restless impatience can jeopardise the quality of your work.

Take time to define the milestones you want to reach. Then, set a realistic timeline for each milestone. Detail what it is that you’re going to do in order to tick off each milestone and determine what makes that milestone a success.

Another important little tip is that you have to be flexible to change. Things change all the time and you’ll need to efficiently accommodate them. This is definitely applicable to all aspects of life – from general career planning to more specified project planning.

2. Invest in your ‘Relationship Bank Account’

We’re so often focused on the work at hand that we forget to be humans. No matter what it is you’re doing, take time to develop your relationships because you never know what other opportunities they can lead to.

Personally, I have a very empty bank account when it comes to relationships (hoorah, the perks of being anti-social). However, with every conversation that I have with a prospective client or even just a subscriber/internet friend, I do my best to be helpful and thankful for everything that they’ve brought to the table.

3. You are the catalyst for change

Everyone has the ability to bring about change – whether small or big. Sure, achieving a 100% sustainable economy may seem impossible, but you as an individual can start somewhere! The great thing is that the digital world is brimming with new ways to reach and impact others.

Even though I’m always down on myself for not ‘being good enough’ at what I do, I know that I’ve helped a few people out there just by being me. It doesn’t matter if someone else is better than you at your craft as long as you keep doing it!

So those are the 3 life lessons I learned from Google Masterclass 2016. Hopefully they’re a little insightful for those of you who are embarking on a journey of tackling your dreams – whatever they may be.

I leave you now with the highlight of the event: The Food. 

Until next time,

Leonie xo

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