Celebrating my 24th Birthday with Archery and a Picnic

Celebrating My 24th With Archery & A Small Picnic

One thing is for sure – there is no future for me in event planning. Planning parties and outings is definitely not my forte and it’s evident now that I look back on my past birthdays. I always get so anxious about planning because I want everyone else to have a good time – the problem with that though is that I forget to enjoy myself.

This year I had that same anxiety. I wanted to do something enjoyable for my 24th birthday with a few close friends. I had always wanted to do archery (I actually planned to do it a few years ago for my birthday but it rained) and thought I might as well. I also planned a little picnic after. Even though I was super anxious, I tried to just go with the flow and I think the day turned out better than I expected.

Here are some photos from the archery session at Sydney Olympic Park.

Celebrating my 24th with some Archery
Celebrating my 24th with some Archery
Celebrating my 24th with some Archery

I’m looking all cool and stuff, but in reality I was terrible. Who knew aiming was so hard?

After the archery session, we went to Blaxland Riverside Park and set up camp for our small picnic. The previous night, Mattias and I made some pasta salad and chokladbollar (chocolate balls) for the picnic.

Celebrating my 24th with a picnic!

We also brought some games like Jenga (the ‘Girl Talk’ edition which is super lame but I remember I bought it a few years ago because it was on sale) and some drawing notepads for a fun drawing game.

Celebrating my 24th with a picnic!

My friends also brought along a lot of snacks. The above photo is of us candidly eating (not staged at all…)

Here are some more photos of me looking cool on my birthday, before I went and smashed my phone and suddenly wasn’t so cool anymore (watch the vlog here to understand my pain).

Celebrating my 24th
Celebrating my 24th

All in all, it was a pretty chill day and I’m very grateful to the girls who made it out to celebrate with me. I’m also extremely grateful for all of you (my Internet friends) who sent me such lovely messages – I wish I could invite you all to my lame birthday parties. Maybe next year I should do a virtual one, like on Habbo Hotel or something (can you believe I spent over $500 on that game when I was a teenager?!)

Oh, and here are some of the lovely gifts I received from my friends and Mattias.

24th Birthday Gifts

Anyway, I’m feeling a little dizzy at the moment. I’ve only just gotten back from my week-long vacation and the sea-sickness/motion-sickness/getting-bitten-by-bed-bugs is making me feel rather lethargic and at unease. So I’m really sorry for this lamely written post – I would have made it more profound but my brain isn’t in my skull and looking at the screen makes me want to vomit.

So I’ll end this here. Again, thank you guys for all the lovely messages.

Until next time,
Leonie xo.

Watch My Birthday Vlog!

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