Best of March 2015

Boy am I glad that March is over! Hopefully April will have much more excitement and happiness involved- which shouldn’t be too hard considering I’m going to be seeing Demi Lovato AND Sam Smith in concert! Woohoo!

Anyway, here are the things that got me through the month of March!

1. Custom Penny Nickel Board 27″

Penny Board

My friends wanted to learn how to skate and I thought it would definitely be a good idea to help get me out of the house more and under the sun! I wanted to invest in a skateboard that I would love until the end of time, so I went and got a custom Penny made in the colours of blue and yellow- to represent the Swedish flag. It’s definitely pricey, but I love it.

Get your own Penny Nickel here:

2. Us – David Nicholls

Us David Nicholls

I am a sucker of romance novels- but I am an even bigger sucker novels that depict realistic relationships. The story takes us on a journey of a husband and wife who have been married for several years, however, it seems as if they’re on the last string that binds them together. The future of their relationship is uncertain throughout the novel, as we tag along on their tour around Europe with their ‘rebel’ eighteen-year old son. What I love so much about the story is that as a reader, you always want there to be a happy ending- however, sometimes the happy ending isn’t exactly what you expect it to be- much like how it is in reality. If you’re in the market for a new book to read, I highly suggest this one.

You can order a copy here:

3. Lilla My Bokmärke

lilla myWhen I was in Stockholm, Mattias bought me this adorable bookmark. Lilla My is a Swedish children’s book character and though I haven’t explored the world of Lilla My completely, I can appreciate this highly dependent little girl and everything she stands for. I love this bookmark so much that I don’t want to damage it, so I’ve left it in it’s plastic encasing and use it as is.

Get your own cute Lilla My bookmark here:

4. Lucci Decor NORWAY Lamp

I’ll be honest- the “NORWAY” part totally sold me. I mean, aside from that, I am absolutely in love with the fact that it’s wooden. I am a sucker for wooden and ‘natural’ things as opposed to metal or plastic, and this lamp fits nicely on my desk and reminds me of my yearn for Norway.

Get your Norwegian lamp here:

5. Typo Shadow Box

I was looking for some sort of display-ish frame that I could put on my desk to display some of my favourite photographs and memories, and I stumbled upon this shadow box and Typo. I’ve been obsessed with using twine and pegs to display my photographs, and overall I think this makes a nice little addition to my desk.

Want your own Shadow Box? Take a look here:

6. Various Pot Plants

Again, going with the whole ‘nature’ vibe, I really wanted to get pot plants for my room. I thought about how in Sweden, every household essentially has a pot plant displayed at every windowsill and, well… I got inspired! So my parents ended up buying me pot plants and honestly, it really just brightens up and freshens my room.

7.  Austenland

If you are a fan of Jane Austen and the Jane Austen world, you will love this movie! It’s a bit cheesy but it’s just one of those movies that give you the mindless entertainment that you need!

So that pretty much sums up the things that got me through the month of March! I’m pretty keen for April!

Hope you guys have an excellent month!

More later.