Annecy, France

On Saturday, I went for a little day-trip to Annecy, France with a few friends. It was much needed, considering I had been so anti-social over the last week, so it was kind of nice to be around people and not feel like a complete loser. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt about myself this week, it’s that I still have a serious lack of self-esteem and that I depend way too much on other people’s approval to make me feel like I’m worth something.

My brother told me this though:

“You don’t need anyone else to justify yourself”.

It’s pretty nice having a brother who’s 11 years older than me and so full of knowledge, life experience and advice. So after crying about my lack of self-esteem and worrying about the fact that nobody likes me and that I had no friends, I kind of got over it and reassured myself that I’m on the right track in the journey that is my life.

So yes, I took the opportunity to head down to Annecy with a few girls. It was such a beautiful day and I’m really glad that I plucked my sorry-ass off the floor and decided to go with them.

I had never heard of Annecy before, although I’m sure I’ve stumbled upon a few tumblr posts now and then. It really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to- the water in Lake Annecy is so blue and so clear and the city itself is majestic. It costs 20 euros for a return bus ticket from Geneva to Annecy, and it’s only an hour or so bus ride. The view along the way is mind blowing.

Here’s a photo of some cows in the French countryside.

It made me really happy to see cows frolicking in the grass instead of being slaughtered at an abattoir. Almost as happy as seeing windmills in Denmark.

When we got to Annecy, we went on a nice hour ride in a paddle boat on the lake. At first it was kind of scary to get on the paddle boat because I’m not a really good swimmer, but it was in every way the highlight of the day. Just to be in the middle of the lake with the sunshine and the mountains- it was just perfect. Many selfies were taken.

After the paddle boat ride, we walked around the lake and ended up at the beach. So apparently, a lot of European countries like to showcase their naked bodies at the beach and, well… let’s just say I was an innocent bystander to some full-frontal womanly bits. I don’t think I’d ever have the confidence to do that.

If only I brought swimmers with me; the weather was prefect for a little swim in the lake (and I would have ticked off one of my new year’s resolution: to swim in a lake! What a bummer!)

We then walked around the town a little and had some lunch. I ordered the 3 fromagesΒ tartiflette.

I’d never heard of tartiflette before (although let’s be honest, I’m not very savvy when it comes to cuisine), but it was definitely very yummy.

Overall, it was a very lovely little trip. I’m thinking that I’d like to go back sometime and go for a little swim- perhaps when Mattias comes to Switzerland in June. But we shall see πŸ™‚

That’s it from me! I hope y’all have a good week. Also, you should all go and purchase Sam Smith’s new album because I am absolutely in love with it.

Here’s my vlog from Annecy:

Until next time!