Hello, I'm Leonie – About

Hello, I’m Leonie 🌿

I like to write and document the little mysteries in life. I like to put thoughts to paper and create things out of emotions, experiences and ideas. I make YouTube videos documenting my life’s adventures and mishaps. I share my experiences and thoughts through the digital medium in the hopes of inspiring, motivating and invoking positive change in my viewers. My aspiration is to live a life worth writing about. 

I love to travel and encounter beautiful places. My happy place is Norway and I am besotted with Scandinavian culture. Jag lär mig svenska (I’m learning Swedish) with the help of TV shows like Melodifestivalen. Je peux parler français aussi (I can speak French too) at an intermediate level. My love for European things is best illustrated by my absolutely crazy obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest. Jon Ola Sand, if you ever read this, please hire me, I would be a great asset to Eurovision.

I have a double degree in Communications and International Studies. I also did a sub-major in Environmental Studies. In 2014 I went on a one-year in-country study to Switzerland which more or less changed my perspective on life.

The natural environment is something that I’m passionate about. As both a consumer who likes new and shiny things, and a lover of Mother Nature, I believe it’s important to find a way to live sustainably. I’m always learning about how I can make a positive impact on our Earth whilst still being able to enjoy the finer things in life.

I’m currently employed full-time as a content producer at WWF-AustraliaBut I’m a millennial, which means I’m doing the #sidehustle and have other projects and freelance jobs on the side. I’m more than open to new opportunities and collaborations – so if there’s a project out there that you think I’d love, hit me up!

If you want to know more about me, or just want to say hello, feel free to say hello!
E: hello@leoniesii.com