A Little Bit Better

It’s a cold and rainy day in Sydney today (with a hint of what journalists are dubbing, a “mini tornado”. Crazy right? #climatechange or what?!). Apparently it will be cold and rainy for the rest of the week, and I don’t mind because it makes me feel less guilty for staying indoors.

My favourite days are the days where I have no obligations and I’m free to do anything as I please. Usually I try to spend my free days doing something creative but in order to have a creative mind I find that I need to have a clean and organized work space.

So today, on this cold and rainy November day, I pretty much just re-organized papers and cleaned my room so that I’ll be ready to tackle the upcoming week with a 110% creative mind (inb4 I just lay in bed and watch Glee reruns).

As much as I enjoy having free time, I feel as though I still have to be productive in some way, and to me, being productive involves being creative. That pretty much ranges from me drawing cartoon figures of celebrities, writing a paragraph of a story or a new blog entry, improving my photography skills to exercising my mind by reading a book.

Miley, "AVICII?!", Demi

It’s hard at times to push myself to be productive and creative because it’s so immensely easy to succumb to laziness and the in-bed-for-the-entire-day syndrome, but I’m hoping that between now and 22nd January 2014, I’ll have gotten a lot of things done and can find comfort in the fact that I’m a better Leonie, even if it is just a little bit better. I don’t know, a little-bit-better-Leonie is more appealing than an in-bed-moping-away-Leonie.

Anyway, I’ll have a new blog post in two days so keep me bookmarked (pretty please)!