9 to Thrive: Empowering Women

Over the weekend, I went to 9 to Thrive by Business Chicks which is one of Australia’s largest influential women’s network.

It was a spontaneous decision and unfortunately I was too late to register for any speaker sessions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed browsing the pop-up shops and seeing what the business women of Australia were up to.

Despite the fact that I’m an introvert and socialising drains me out, I’m such a huge fan of going to events like these. It’s super inspiring to see how one woman and a desire to create something can lead to a satisfying career.

Rachel and I at 9 To Thrive

I asked my friend Rachel to tag along and like the great friend she is, she agreed! I’m pretty sure she was more interested in the food though. There were cupcake stalls, food trucks and N2 Gelato even had their own space.

Tacos at 9 To Thrive
N2 Gelato at 9 to Thrive

To be honest, the gelato was not worth the $6 we paid (but in saying that, you should definitely try the actual N2 gelato in the city).

I would definitely go to more events like these, especially now when I feel like I need a lot more inspiration to make my own dreams come true. The most motivating aspect is just hearing words of encouragement from other women. Also, the freebies were a huge bonus.

Here are some of the things I got for free (and other things that I forked out my wallet for… like the candles from Hunter Soy Candles and the Journey of Me journal by Wellineux).

9 to Thrive Freebies
Satisfied Leonie at 9 to Thrive

As you can see, I’m very satisfied. You can watch me go through these items in my latest vlog!

Watch the Vlog

I hope you’re having a splendid day wherever you are!

Leonie xo