8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

They say the best things in life are free – and I totally agree! But sometimes you still gotta fork out a little cash to get to where you want to be.

Recently I went and bought some gifts for a friend for her birthday. I was thinking about the kind of gifts that I usually buy her – redundant and meaningless things like… mugs (how thrilling, right?). I’ve definitely gotten to that point where I realise that it’s better to give gifts that encourage self-development and can help to emit a positive vibe when things aren’t going so well.

So, in saying that… here are 8 thoughtful gifts that I think are amazing to give to a friend (and that I personally wouldn’t mind getting myself).

1. Self-Help & Health Books

Self Help & Health Books for Women

There’s always something that we as humans can improve on in our day to day lives. Think about the trials that your friend needs help to overcome. It can be something simple as practicing mindfulness or something that may require a lot more self-love. Maybe your friend is interested in starting her own small business but just doesn’t know how to take that first step. Whatever it is, there’ll be an inspirational and motivational book to get things kick-started.

2. Candles & Scents


Scents and aromas can do wonders in lifting up moods! It also sets an ambience which can be useful for different situations. For example, if your friend struggles with emotional stress, find a subtle lavender-scented candle. Citrus scents are great for those who need to feel more energised, and rosemary for those who have their noses stuck in their books and need a boost in their memory retention.

[Image – Left to right: Cucumber, Lavender & Sage Soy Candle by Hunter Candles, Gifted Candle, Candle in a Mason Jar, Ocean Coast & Sea Salt Candle by Casa Regalo]

3. Experiences of a Lifetime

Experiences of a Lifetime

There’s nothing as exhilarating as giving a gift of an experience to a friend. It’s all about making lifetime memories! Experiences can include thrill-seeking adventures like paragliding, bungee jumping, white river rafting, skydiving… or more serene and relaxing experiences like a day at the spa or tickets to a concert or play.

4. Craft & Hobby Books / Magazines

Craft & Hobby Books and Magazines

There’s an endless abundance of skills to learn in life. Craft and hobby gifts are a great way to boost your friend’s creativity. It’s also a fun way to unwind and relax! Colouring books are all the rage, but if you want something a little offbeat, why not go for some origami books or a few tutorials on how to knit!

5. Specialty Magazines

Speciality Magazines for Women

Magazines are a great last-minute gift idea. They’ll give your friend hours of inspiration and entertainment. There are magazines for literally every industry. If your friend loves dogs, there’s magazines about dogs. If she’s into fishing, there’s magazines about fishing. Take a trip to your local newsagency and you’ll be amazed. You might even pick up a few mags for yourself!

6. Classes


Classes are also great ‘experience’ gifts that help to improve skills and well-being! Sign your bestie and yourself up for some classes that you’ll both be interested in. Some class ideas include: yoga, martial arts, cooking and painting.

7. Beauty & Bath Products

Beauty & Bath Products

If you’re super stumped on ideas, beauty and bath products are easy gifts. It might be a bit harder to gauge what kind of products your friend may like (and you also have to consider skin sensitivity) but something simple as a lip balm or face mask can go a long way. If you’re really unsure, you can always settle for a gift card.

8. Journals & Diaries

Journals and Diaries

Give a gift that allows your friend to document life’s little mysteries! A journal is an easy but incredibly thoughtful gift. It encourages self-reflection and increases self-awareness.

So those are my 8 thoughtful gift ideas that you can give to a special friend! Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to get a friend – especially because you don’t want to waste your money buying something that might just end up collecting dust somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

For me, gifts that can encourage self-love and motivation are the best gifts a girl can get. Do you have any other great gift ideas? Leave them in the comments!


I hope you all have a beautiful day.

Leonie xo.

[Image sources: Leonie Sii, Pixabay]

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