2015: The Year of Completion

Last year I labelled my year the year of CHALLENGES. I accomplished most of my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, or ‘goals’ is perhaps more fitting.

I travelled to Lofoten Islands in Norway, I began learning Swedish, I made more than one video a month, I paraglided in Switzerland, went skiing for the first time and swam in various lakes in Europe. Though I didn’t make any ‘Swiss’ friends in particular, I did make friends of many nationalities that will hopefully stay friends for a very long time. I failed in a few goals but made up for them in others. That’s why I love setting myself a set list of things that I aim to achieve- because even though at times I may not be able to tick them off my list, it’s something that I can strive and it helps me progress through life and better myself.

2015, the year of completion

This year, I’ve labelled my year the year of COMPLETION. I label it this because it is my last year of university and it will help me to ensure that I attempt to finish everything that I begin. With that being said, here is my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions/Goals.

  1. Learn Swedish every week
  2. Find a job
  3. Save $10,000
  4. Get a high distinction for at least one subject a semester
  5. Explore places in NSW that I haven’t yet been to
  6. Take better care of my skin // Daily skin care routine
  7. Read at least one book a month
  8. Write one short story a month
  9. Make a video at least once a fortnight
  10. Don’t buy useless/worthless shit that I don’t need 🙂

2015 will probably not be as epic as 2014, but I’m excited for the things to come. So, let’s do it! Check out my 2015 video if you haven’t yet!

More later.