14 Scandinavian Instagrams you should follow

14 Scandinavian Instagrams that are worth a follow

I am a lover of all things Scandinavian. From the natural landscape of the Norwegian archipelagos to the slick artistry of Swedish designs, Scandinavia has really got it’s aesthetics on point.

Naturally, about two thirds of the people I follow on Instagram are Scandinavian based artists and photographers. Each time any of their images appear on my feed, I’m just instantly awed and taken to the other side of the globe.

Below are some of my favourite Scandinavian-based photographers and digital artists on Instagram. I hope they’ll give you the same inspiration and thirst for adventure as they have given me.

1. Juuso Hämäläinen, @juusohd


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Wow. Words cannot describe how beautiful and amazing Juuso’s photographs are. Luckily his images don’t need any description – they do the talking themselves. I absolutely adore the mystical and other-worldly digital art that he creates.

2. Jonna Jinton, @jonnajinton


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Jonna Jinton is my favourite. Favourite what? I’m not too sure. But she’s just my favourite. I admire her and I love her story. I love how she up and moved to the North of Sweden to live in the woods and be one with nature. Her artistry is simply amazing and you have to check out her insane stone balancing skills.

3. Joel Hyppnönen, @jollejolle


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Lifestyle and wedding photographer Joel Hyppönen often leaves my toes tingling whenever I come across any of his scenic photographs. They seriously just make you want to get in the car and go for a road-trip around Norway and just live a life of adventure… Seriously, can I hire him to take my wedding photos in the future?!

4. Frida Lindgren, @deskriptiv


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!!! I love the pretty pastel colours that Frida Lindgren captures in her nature and landscape photography. Scrolling through her Instagram feed is like living amongst the different seasons of the Swedish landscape ­– the transitions from winter to spring; spring to summer; and summer to autumn are just breathtaking.

5. Konsta Punkka, @kpunkka


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The first thing that drew me to Konsta’s Instagram was his gorgeous wildlife photography. I was so amazed by the up-close and personal shots of foxes, squirrels, birds, deer… and pretty much every woodland animal that exists on the planet. If there’s ever an ambassador for the beautiful relationship which humans can have with nature, well… we’ve found him folks.

6. Olle Eriksson, @olle_e


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If you’re looking for photography that’s seriously crisp and captivating, then you should definitely give Stockholm-based photographer/journalist Olle Eriksson a follow. I absolutely love the way he composes his images in a way that I can only describe as an architectural delight.

7. Stian Norum Herlofsen, @stiannorum


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Fans of woodland creatures and wildlife will love Stian Norum Herlofsen’s photographs that magically capture intimate moments with bears. You’ll also get glorious glimpses of the beautiful Norwegian archipelagos every so often. The crazy thing is that this guy was born in 1995 and he’s worked as a photographer for the Norwegian army… damn, what have I been doing with my life?

8. Daniel Taipale, @dansmoe


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Daniel Taipale is one half of the Taipale brothers. He and his brother are travelling photographers based in Finland. I instantly fell in love with all of his natural photographs (especially the ones of Norway, aka my happy place) as they do such a wonderful job of capturing that sense of wanderlust.

You can also follow his brother Samuel at @eljackson for equally amazing photographs.

9. Karl Olofsson, @o_karl


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Picture taker, traveller and skier… Karl’s photographs are clean and simplistic. They capture the golden moments of life here on Earth in such a fresh and elegant way. I also love that he takes a break from the conventional Instagram crop which makes browsing through his feed feel like you’re taking a stroll through an art gallery.

10. Ellinor Koda, @ellinorkoda


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Freelance photographer Ellinor Koda has a specialty in portraits, but damn her landscape photography is on point too. Every image tells a story that needs no words (and that is such a powerful ability to have).

11. Arild Heitmann, @arildheitmannphotography


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Northern lights in the Norwegian arctic… if that’s what floats your boat (like it floats mine), then Arild’s phenomenal nature photography is right up your alley. There’s just so much depth to his images and he captures the beauty of Norway perfectly.

12. Robin, @robinbruhn


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Stockholm based photographer Robin Bruhn has an array of intriguing images ­– from architectural wonders to wonders of the female form, he captures the mysterious beauty in each and every one of his subjects. If you have voyeuristic tendencies, then this is right up your alley.

13. Janne Honkaniemi, @jannehonkaniemi


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Another amazing outdoor travel photographer is Janne, based in Finland. I especially adore all his winter-themed photographs and of course, his out-of-this-world aerial shots! They really give a new perspective of Earth.

14. Sebastian Norlin, @sebastiannorlin1


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Vibrant images to monochromatic mysteries… Sebastian Norlin’s images are so crisp that you’ll want to hang them in your home. My favourite images of his are the ones of lonely roads and passageways – they just look infinitely tranquil.

So those are just a few of my favourite Scandinavian Instagrams! Obviously I’m severely lacking some Danish representation… so if you know any awesome Denmark-based photographers on Instagram, let me know in the comments so I can give them a follow!

I can only dream of creating such mystical and crisp photography like these guys. Maybe it has something to do with being in and around nature that heightens the ability to take such beautiful shots? Who knows, but Scandinavia sure does have endless plains of other-worldly landscapes.

I may not be Scandinavian and I may not be a pro photographer, but if you haven’t yet, you can follow me on Instagram @TheLeonieSii.

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Until next time,
Leonie xo